Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Friday and Saturday are thrifty garage sale days for me. I love garage sales. I loved them when I was a stay home mom and bought most my baby clothes and baby stuff that way. I loved them as a portrait photographer because I love the worn look of aged props. I love old furniture and vintage finds. Old dishes and cookbooks, and most of all I love a good deal.

Today's deals SUCKED! Seriously, I raked in last week. Especially in the kitchen department. Where I got an entire mixing set 3 bowls (including my new fav for mixing jello, one with a handle and spout) measuring cups and spoons for $1 never opened still in the wrapper. A new round cake pan for .50 cents that also still had the paper liner stuck to it. (my round cake pan went missing so I really needed one of these) And yet another new cake pan 10x13 with a lid again just for $1. The bottoms had started to peal on all my cake pans so I had just thrown them all out and had actually bought a new one but I didn't pay very close attention and it didn't have a lid. I just like having ones that have lids to help keep things fresh. A couple of jello molds for .25 cents each, one a true jello ring mold which is exactly what I had been looking for that day - it was even on my "things to watch for at sales list". And my favorite buy last week  "Anne of Green Gables" the complete boxed set that retails for $32 on amazon for $1, Chloe has already started in on book one.

After such amazing finds last week I was all excited to go out today, but everything was baby cloths, toys, and nick nack trash. It was looking like the best deal of the day was one overly wealthy home had bought a ton of sensy oil waxs and then decided not to use them, they were selling them for .25 cents. They are only $2 new but I have 5 dogs, we use these things like water and anything smells better then dog, so I bought all they had and saved about $7 compared to buying them at walmart next time I go. That pretty much looked to be my big deal of the day.

Just about ready to give up for the day I happen to be driving down the road and see a sign for a sale I wasn't going to go to. 1st I wasn't really sure where it was and 2nd the ad didn't list any times for it, or even a day! It just said "sale today" in the paper. So I had not even written it down on my list, but when I saw the sign I stopped. Browsing around it was mostly antique type junk. Old plates, and glassware, nick nacks, stuff I call clutter crap. I'm just leaving when I notice an beat up cardboard box on the ground next to the driveway with old pans, green pans, CLUB Aluminum pans. Have I ever told you I have a thing for CLUB aluminum pans. If they had been blue my heart would have stopped. I have been trying to get someone to buy me blue club aluminum pans off ebay for the last two Christmas's and birthdays but so far it hasn't happened. I digress in my wistfulness...

So there I am gazing at these beautiful green pans laying in a box. Two mint condition sauce pans and a dutch oven all with lids $3.50. Yes you read that right, three dollars and fifty cents for all 6 pieces! Baby I don't care if you are green, momma just got herself a set of club aluminum pans. I think I did a happy dance all the way home. Tomorrow I'm putting my 15 year old nasty pealing Teflon pans into my own garage sale .25 cent box.

I started this post on Friday before I even went out to the sales, now it's Monday. It was a BAD weekend. It's still bad. The low potassium has started to cause muscle cramping and guess where it's favorite place of attack its. The long smooth muscles of the intestines. How's that for a double whammy on a Crohn's girl. So right now I was editing photos and puking into a garbage bucket. Fun. That should keep the potassium up.

I'm actually still waiting to hear back from the Doctor on the potassium levels today, my guess is low the way these cramps are. At least I'm hoping they are potassium cramps and not the Crohn's because that would mean weeks of steroids and getting worse instead of getting better. Steroids and I have done that rout before, I don't respond well to them. Everything else that happens, happens. I get moody, swell up, drop my potassium apparently, get muscle weakness, but sometimes I don't get better and I don't gain weight. The Crohn's get worse so I loose weight. One doctor diagnosed me as "Steroid non responsive" It sure doesn't keep the others from trying it over, and over though. Last time I ended up in the hospital bleeding out. Lets hope it doesn't go that way for with this one.

Going through the images on the camera to get to my pans, I found Saturday dinner. I forgot Kurt had told me to photograph it because it he thought it looked so good. He even went to the basement and got my camera and CF card off the computer. It was just roast chicken and veggies. The chicken was supposed to make leftovers for lunch wraps. Chloe eats a wrap everyday for lunch and I thought it would be nice to have some fresh roasted chicken instead of just deli meat for the week. We had one extra dinner guest and NO leftover chicken. We picked it clean. I guess if I want left overs next time I will have to make two.

Roast Chicken And Veggies

I don't have a recipe, I just throw whatever veggies in the pan. Usually potatoes, carrots and onions and toss with olive oil. I pull the skin away from the bird and butter under it, then place seasoning under there also. Garlic powder, sage, thyme, and poultry seasoning. Then I butter the skin and put more seasoning on top of that. Baked at 425 for an hour and the whole meal is done.

PS: The Doctor just called and the potassium is 4.5!!!! Woohoo!

Calling back tomorrow about the pain, maybe I'll get lucky and it will go away overnight as my body regulates itself.

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