Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On a Buzz

Woke up at 2:30 with bad Crohn's heart burn and the steroids are keeping me awake. Almost 4 am now, but my meal planning is done for the week. Grocery store ads were updated when I checked them at 3 so I got my list done and planned my meals.

Tomorrow, I guess that is actually today, we will be having shrimp alfredo with bow tie pasta, garlic bread sticks and lettuce salad. This is an easy no brainier meal for us. Maddie has a basketball game at 5pm so cooking needs to be fast and easy when we get home. This is a jar of alfredo sauce, some quick cooking salad shrimps, and bow tie noodles thrown together with frozen bread sticks and chopped up lettuce. Takes less the 15 minutes and the kids love it.

Oh yea, I'm making an orange mouse in the morning for desert that night. Another jello book recipe. :)

Thursday morning I'm making a big tuna mac salad. This will be eaten for lunches and served as a side dish for the next couple of days. Thursday night is grilled hamburgers, the tuna mac salad, and baked beans, maybe chips if I buy them though I'm not big on having them in the house. I do cave occasionally for the kids though, they like them even if I can't stand the taste of them.

Friday is Kurt's day off and I like to cook big that day. Grilled brown sugar pork steaks, fried corn, mashed potatoes, the last of the tuna mac and an apple jello to compliment the apple in the brown sugar sauce.

Right now Saturday is open to see what we end up with for leftovers. I don't think there will be a lot as I only make 4 of everything, and we eat it when it's served. I'm leaning towards a recipe I found in a cooking light cookbook using sliced up steak, caramelized onions, mushrooms all in soy sauce, served over rice. It sounds like something my family would like, although Chloe will pick out all the onions and mushrooms.

Sunday is another recipe I just found. Super easy. Garlic and brown sugar pored over chicken and roasted in a very hot oven. The tuna mac salad should be gone by then so that morning I'll make a pea salad to take it's place. There might be fried corn and mashed potatoes left from pork chop day to have with this also so I won't plan any sides other then the salad, which I'm making anyway.

I'm liking having a salad and a jello in the fridge all the time. The kids are out of school for the summer and they are supposed to feed themselves lunch. They are lazy children though. Sometimes Chloe just doesn't eat at all, and Maddie will just grab what is easy. That's why I don't keep junk in the house. Maddie would eat a whole box of cookies just so she didn't have to actually fix herself anything. The salad and jello makes it easy for all of us. I make a big salad, last week it was coleslaw, this week it was potato salad, next it's tuna mac.... Chloe always eats the salad for lunch and Maddie always eats the jello, everyone eats healthy and I'm not cooking for people all day long.

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