Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Sleeping on Steroids

I have been up since 2:30 after going to bed around 11pm and it's now almost 4am. I think it's a combination of the steroids and the potassium infusion I had today. I also slept all night the night before, but I was REALLY week from the low potassium. Now I just can't shut my head off. I'm going though my day.

I have to have Joey, one of our EB puppies to the vet in a town to the north of us at 8am, I have to be checked into the hospital infusion center for another 4 hour infusion in the town to the south of me by 10am. Between there I have to take the child that spent the night home, and my own children to my mothers. Maddie has basketball camp and Chloe has voice lessons that my mother will have to take them to. After I get out of the infusion center around 3 I'm going to need to rush up north and grab Joey, then drop him off at home and rush to get the kids for a basket ball game at 5. Now I just realized we may have an evening conflict. Chloe is doing a duet in voice and the teacher wanted to get together in the evening, but Maddie told me they are putting Chloe in the basket ball game so she has to be there to play. Seriously, they have my book baby playing with 8th graders because they are down a person. She has never played basket ball in her life and has only been to 3 training sessions! Nothing like sink or swim.

Beings I can't sleep I planned dinner. I actually need to go through the freezer and do the menu for the week. Today is a crockpot day if there ever was one. I think we are going with these from AR Pork Chops for the Slow Cooker  with rice and broccoli. As long as I cook my broccoli down to mush it doesn't seem to bother me, I just take the family's out and let some cook longer for myself.

This one from Mel's Kitchen Cafe is pretty similar San Francisco Chops {Slow Cooker} but looks like it has more flavor so probably one of these or a mix of the two.

The macaroni salad is about gone and I need to decide what salad is coming next, and I could get out of bed, because that's where I'm typing this from, and go make my jello.

Now that I have a list of things in my head that need to be done the steroids are urging me to go do it.

Go through the freezer and plan meals, make shopping list
Find a Salad
Make Jello
Decide on what to bake because the cookies will be gone today also.

Off to work.

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