Thursday, June 14, 2012

Real Life In Blogland?

I had a crazy whim while I was surfing blog land and decided to put my recipes into some of the linky party's, now I'm having 2nd thoughts. I go to these blogs, some with their fancy homes, some with beautiful painted furniture, others with more recipes and they all have one thing in common. They are happy blogs with barley a care in the world other then what the next blog post might be, or what color to paint the next piece of furniture.

But this isn't really a happy blog, and my next care is wheather or not my heart will stop before the doctor gets this darn potassium problem figured out. Two potassium infusions, two days in a row and I go in today for blood work to see where we are at. Please, please, please just stay up!

That's my blog, not exactly the care free thing  you expect to run into surfing recipes on the net. I don't get comments, do I shock them all away? I don't think I really want comments, I don't want sympathy. I just want people to remember there is so much more to life then whatever little things they are stressing about. Let the little stuff go, it's just not worth it, and be happy for what you do have. If you take anything from here, take that.

I did my usual up at 2am thing, but I went to bed by 9 so I got a good 5 hours in last night. So at 2 am I started cooking. I got the pasta salad done, the jello, and baked banana bars. ( I had some bananas going bad in the counter). The schedule actually worked out well because we are not running the air so it was nice to bake in the cool of the night instead of heating the house up during the day. Then back to bed at 6am and slept until 8, so the sleep thing is a little better today.

I keep hedging something in my posts. About saving money, doing things cheep, like not running the air. Here's the hardest thing about living with a chronic illness. You can't work. You can't make a living like if you were a healthy person. I know, I tired, and it has put me into the hospital more times then I care to count. So no income or a very reduced one, then comes the medical bills. Even with fantastic insurance you are libel for what they don't cover and when you have lots of medical bills it ads up fast.

So we are thrifty, I shop the ads, I only buy the meet and veggies that are on sale and I plan our menus from that. For example last nights crocpot pork chops, which were excellent by the way, were from a cheep grill pack that I got 12 pork chops for $10. They were TINY little chops and the girls both said they wish there had been more meat, but I told them to eat more rice. :) Kurt and I actually cut our meat up, added it with the rice and veggies and pored the sauce over the whole thing. Very Asian flare, and very good. The whole meal cost less the $5! I told you I'm thrifty.

Another reason these salads are so great. Noodles are cheep! I even splurged and bought the wacky mac veggie noodles for this salad and they cost all of $1.29 but look how much that gives you!

I actually think I need to add more veggies, there is a so much pasta it can handle a lot more veggies.

I'm sorry there is not really a true recipe for this one, but I'll tell you what's in it and you just put in as much as you want. :)

Garden Pasta Salad

The best things in it are chopped black olives, feta cheese and Zesty Italian dressing.

Then you add chunky sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and green bell pepper (except I only had red bell pepper)

And the noodles of course.

That's it - salad done!

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