Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello Cankles

Cankles: The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, nontapering terminus

This is a hard post for me to do. I'm not a particularly vane person, I rarely wear makeup and I have always dressed more for my own comfort then for what others think. However that still doesn't mean I want to be photographed being so puffy. But this is Diary of a Chronie, and this is what I'm dealing with right now. Maybe someone else out there is going through the same thing, they are out there surfing the web looking for answers that aren't there just like I am.

I want to throw some key words out there. Words that maybe will help people looking for others that are going through the same things they are going through. Words like disseminated histoplasmosis, itraconazole, Crohn's Disease, Budesonide / Entocort, drug reactions, steroid myopathy, and pitting edema.

The last one is the kids favorite. They call me the play doh momma. My example of steroid induced Pitting Edema. One swollen leg.

Apply pressure

Look I'm Play Doh

That's Pitting Edema.

This is me and Mr Man last Halloween. I was Flo from Progressive and Mr Man was Mayhem from Allstate. Yes we did have the best costumes, thank you. At the time I was still recovering from histoplasmosis, but I was not on any Crohn's meds. The histo meds had actually put the Crohn's into remission and I was feeling better then I had in a long time.

And me now, also I picked this one because I looked the least puffy, and the least pissed off. :)

This is after two weeks of reduced steroids, so lots of swelling has already gone down! I stop steroids Monday. Doc said it's going to be 6-8 weeks before I begin to feel any difference or even begin to get my strength back. I have read that it's going to take months to recover.

I read the best thing for me to do is to stay as active as I can, so I don't loose anymore muscle. The more active I stay the better. So I painted this.

Isn't it cute! No I'm not having another baby, it's staged with old props from the studio. I'm hoping to sell it. I got it for Chloe's room and she loved it until I painted this.

Then she begged me to let her keep it and not sell it, and I caved and let her have it, then I got to finish the French dresser however I wanted to, and I wanted it blue, not pink. ;)

So that's what I have been doing since getting out of the hospital. Trying to stay busy and keep using my muscles. I'm tired a lot an don't have a lot left in me to find the energy left for blogging. I take the photos, but it's hard to sit down and write. It makes me sleepy, like now, so I'm off to take my potassium, eat and go to bed in 30 minutes. That's how long  before I can lay down after taking it, because then I'm crashing. :)

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