Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Winding Road

Dear Readers,

Today I almost deleted my entire blog to start over. I actually did delete some of it. Not that there is much to it yet, or even any readers to care at this point, but before it was all gone I decided what was left could stay. Why would I want to delete it in the first place you ask? Because dear readers I have made my decision as to what this blog is going to be. I should have known it from the start, it's in the title already.

It's going to be a true diary of a Chronie, a record of the paths I take on my search for wellness, and this weekend the paths forked, and a decision was made. I have decided to stop bucking the trend setters, bite the bullet and try the "fad" cure all of cure all diets. GLUTEN FREE My taste buds weep at the thought.

It's not an over night cure but one that could take weeks, even months to see any change. I may not see any changes, but I won't know until I try. The meds have not worked, even steroids don't stop my symptoms. Why? Maybe something else is wrong, something else helping to cause all these problems and keep the symptoms going. If not an allergy to wheat that can show up on a test, maybe a sensitivity to it? At this point it sure won't hurt to try - won't hurt my gut that is, the rest of me isn't to happy about the idea of giving up our favorite foods.

I'm actually on day 2 of no gluten. Last nights dinner. Spaghetti Squash 1 from allrecipies.com. I have to say it was pretty tasty, but not my favorite meal by a long shot. As my taste buds detox though I can see this becoming a more of a favorite.

I actually woke up today, only on day 2 irritable and cranky and ready to already pitch this diet in the trash. Then I realized I was starving! But oh the hard work I had to do before I could eat. No more dumping a bunch of grains into a bowl and slopping on the milk. No I had to get up and carve the cantaloupe, destem the strawberries, pluck the grapes and make the orange juice. Take note dear readers and lean from my mistakes, do this at night and save yourselves some morning grumbling and the temptation to cheat.
Even my Chloe would eat all the colors of this rainbow. Which reminds me. I'm the only one that ate the squash last night, no one else would even try it.

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