Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All wrapped up

Let me give you a little tip about store bought pre made GF tortilla's - DON'T BUY THEM!!! Imagine taking a piece of cardboard, crossing it with Styrofoam and then try and wrap it around food. Not only so they crack and break all over but they taste like a cross between cardboard and Styrofoam also!

So I asked around to see if someone could tell me of a better brand, one lady told me "They all taste like that, don't worry you'll get used to it."

Oh no I won't!

Because I found the best GF tortilla recipe on the net! They were made by Mary Frances over at The Gluten Free Cooking School and they are awesome! HERE is her recipe.

And here are my beautiful, lovely, delicious tortilla's.

Now there is something I should tell you about these tortilla's other then the fact that they are fantastic almost normal food. They are a grand PITA to roll out, and not pita as in the bread but as in Pain In The....Well you get the idea. :) Time for another photo.

It's sticky, sticky, sticky. Did I mention that it was sticky? Mary Frances says that you use a LOT of flour, but then some of her reader complained about the texture of the rice flower, some said they still stuck. One said they used wax paper and cooking spray and that they popped right off into the pan. That's the method we tried. However they did not just pop off, and if you rolled them to thin they stuck to both sides of the paper and the dough was wasted. So I rolled them a little thicker, and they stuck a little but we got through it. It did give me only 5 tortillas that way though not 8.

Now I have to confess even though they are a huge pain to make I will be making them again, because they are just so darn worth it! One of Mary France's readers suggested a tortilla press and maybe I'll have to try one of those. Target has them for $17, definitely worth it if I'm going to be making as many of these as I think I will now that I have more then just lettuce to wrap my sandwich ingredients in.

ETA I have to add that both my girls loved these, and kept sneaking bites off my uneven edges. They both pouted when I made them wraps with the regular, real flour tortilla's because they wanted mine instead. They are just that good.

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  1. These look great! If you get tired of making them, though, you have to try the GF teff tortillas from La Tortilla Factory. They are awesome! They have pull to them, like regular flour tortillas, and they make a nice burrito without getting hard and cracking like rice tortillas. We use them for wraps also. Very yummy! I like the ivory ones a bit better than the dark, but they're both very similar in taste. Maybe you already know this since this post is old, but I thought I'd let you know in case you don't.