Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm GF But I'm Not Starving

Day 5 of being Gluten Free.

Last night I sat down and had dinner with the whole family. To be honest my families meals have sort of fallen by the wayside as I try to figure out how to cook for myself. Dinner was Crispy Rosemary Chicken and Fries from Yes I know that I hang out on way to much but there is just so much there and the community is fantastic.

The meal went as expected with K and I eating everything, Maddie eating the chicken and veggies, and Chloe eating just the chicken. She will normally eat potatoes but these had skins, and we all know how gross that is. :)

It was a good whole family GF meal, even if it was a bit on the greasy side. It did photograph beautifully.

What I'm really, really excited about though, LUNCH! Lunch was fanfrickentastic! It was inspired by a allrecipies recipe of course called Tuna Lime Tostadas, but I turned it into something mostly my own.

1st I mixed all my ingredients. The original recipe made 8 servings and I'm just cooking for myself so I have to apologize that I don't measure, but I do taste a lot. :) I started with one can of tuna, several teaspoons of tostitos salsa - which is GF BTW, some chopped black olives and some chopped mushrooms. The original recipe calls for corn, but my guts are not up for corn yet, hence the olives and mushrooms taking it's place. I put all of this into a bowl and mixed it up. In a separate bowl I mixed up avocado, lime juice and garlic powder.

Then I used my GF tortilla's. I heated some oil in a skillet until it was good and hot, then dropped that baby in. The sizzle, the smell, the burning....... note here, do not walk away from your frying tortilla. :) I had realized I didn't season my tuna so walked away from my 1st tortilla and added the lime, a bit of cilantro, a dash of Old Bay, and just a pinch of fresh ground pepper. Then I went back to the stove and removed my burning tortilla, got out a new frying pan because the oil would have burned taste to it, put on a new pan, added more oil and started over.

This time I stayed right at the stove flipping and caring for my frying tortilla, while nibbling the small amount of unburned edges from the 1st try as this one became golden and crispy.

Once your tortilla reaches that beautiful golden brown crispyness remove it from the pan. You can pat the oil off with a paper towel if you wish, or just eat that too - it's what I did. I didn't see the paper towels anywhere and I wanted to eat!

Now top your beautiful golden creation with your tuna mix and top that with your avocado mix, then pick it up like a piece of pizza and enjoy!

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