Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Food and Music Connection

When I made the tuna tortilla's the other day as I was eating a song popped into my head. Not just the words to the song but the actual song, music playing and Fred Astaire singing "I'm in Heaven." I may be an old chronie but I'm not THAT old, what the heck is Fred Astaire doing in my head!

Well tonight I have found the dark side of this musical food connection. I opened the wrong drawer in the kitchen looking for something. I opened the "snack drawer" and saw a bag of pretzels. The song popping into my head when I saw them "Beth" by Kiss but the words are jumbled and warped. "Can't you hear me calling, I'll be right home to you, can't you hear them calling, oh what can you do, oh what can you do." "Just a few more hours and I'll be right home to you, You say you feel so empty, oh what can you do" Not only did it pop into my head but it is following me around the house reminding me of the gluteny goodness, tempting me to take just one bite.

Yea, I've lost it. :)

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