Thursday, March 18, 2010

All the colors of the Rainbow

These are the words Chloe has learned in school about diet and nutrition. Of course she refuses to listen and still eats mostly beige, however on a recent trip to the grocery store I found the most beautiful color of purple. In a sweet potato no less, something I have been trying to get her to eat for sometime - remember the sweet potato burrito flop.

Remembering the candied sweet potato recipe from all recipes I decided to purchase a few of these and give it one more try. The sugary sweet concoction boiled up leaving my house smelling of the goodness cooking. Chloe caught me red handed with the potatoes and knew what they were, but when she saw their beautiful dark color even she said she would "give it a try."

I would love to report that the surgery goodness won her sweet potato hating heart over, but as I announced Deeeeelicious! I was echoed by Deeeesgusting! I would give you the rest of the families ratings, but at the time only Chloe and I were home, and I ate the whole thing! In my defense I did reduce the recipe to only 1 serving.

Now here's where the Crohnie part of this blog rears it's ugly head. Sweet potato's cause gas. I'm sorry it's true, I googled it and confirmed what my poor bloated tummy is telling me on wikpedia. What's the big deal? Well for starters active Crohnies can't pass gas, at least not without sitting on a toilet because it never comes out alone. We may be able to clear out a public bathroom with our stink, but if your smelling it in the car it definitely wasn't us.

Also if your in a flare most likely your bowel walls are swollen making it harder for the air to travel where it needs to go to escape, giving you that lovely bloated feeling. This always hits me in bed. Every time I try and sleep I wake up with the urge to go to the bathroom. This is where the term explosive diarrhea comes in, then back to bed. As soon as I lay down the gargling starts as the air now shifts and it's back to the bathroom. This happens three or four times before I can actually stay in bed and try and sleep again, only to be woken about 20 minutes later to start it all over again.

So good bye my lovely sweet potato, and hello GasX  that K will soon be bringing home. I hope it works because I love sweet potatoes and know myself well enough to know I may cheat, or even forget enough to try them again at the next holiday gathering.

I really wish I knew how to plate food, this photo makes my purple potatoes look like a dark blob of a mess. I know someone with more food designer know how could make them look beautiful, but for me they just look a little like how they made me feel.

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