Friday, November 11, 2011

My, My, Cherry Pie!

Yesterday Kurt tells me we need to go to Village Inn because it's free pie Wednesday. We picked Miss C up from school and first thing that comes out of her mouth when she gets into the car is "What's for dinner?" I tell her that dad wants to go to Village Inn for dinner and she does an arm pump and says "Oh Yea! Free pie Wednesday!" I think they both watch way to much TV.

 We have a fantastic Village Inn. They have won awards for the being ranked as one of the top rated VI's in the country. Yesterday they completely missed the mark though. Part of the problem was that there were several new waiters and I think a new cook as well. It took over 30 minutes to get our food and before the waiter even put my soup on the table he said he was going to have to take it back and reheat it. Even reheated the cheese soup was so thick they should have served it as a dip with chips!

 Fifteen minutes after we order our meal we are able to flag down our waiter once more and order our pies to go. We also ask for our bill at that time because the man never comes out of the back. He only has three tables to wait on and all three of us are getting fed up with him. Another 15 minutes goes by and he comes out with our bill and tells us that the pie is going to be just a little while because the cherry pie that Mis C ordered is still in the oven. No problem, it will be fresh. So we wait, and wait, and wait.....

  The family behind us comes in, orders their meal, eats it, orders pie. Their waitress tell them there is no cherry pie because it is in the oven and will be another 20 minutes! What!! We snag her on the way by and tell her to cancel our order and change it to apple pie. We haven't seen our waiter in over 20 minutes the people at the other booth near us he was waiting on have the manager at their table and he is getting an ear full.

  Miss C had a bit of a fit but did eventually eat the apple pie we had brought home for her, but only after I promised to bake her a cherry pie today.

I used two cans of Wilderness Cherry Pie filling, I added 2 Tbs sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1/4 tsp almond extract. I used a Pillsbury pie crust dough for the pie using a cookie cutter to make the top. I put the pie in the center of the table in place of our usual metal bowl of apples. I'm wondering how long it's going to take her to see it after see gets home from school. :)

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