Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food For Thought

Warning this post involves Potty Talk!

Well the blog is called Diary of a Crohnie so you got to sort of expect potty talk don't you. Anywho here's today's Food For Thought.

Did you know canned pumpkin is recommended to help stop diarrhea in dogs.

Farmer B brought me some pumpkins before Halloween. Two of them the kids carved and I roasted the seeds, sorry no photos the Mr. ate them faster then I could get the camera out. We gave one pumpkin to my mother in-law and the Mr. said we were keeping the last one so HE could make pumpkin pie. Then it just sat on my kitchen counter for weeks.

A small confession. I HATE things being on my kitchen counters. When I am sick I am forced to live in a cluttered mess of a home. When I am feeling well I clean like a mad woman because you never know how many days you have before your down again. Right now I'm feeling really well and my house shows it. Leaving something on my counter will nag at me though, it makes me absolutely crazy. So after a few weeks I threw the dang pumpkin in the oven myself and made up a pumpkin pie, even though I hate pumpkin pie, and I thought about dog poo the whole time.

I used Paula Dean's recipe over at food network but substituted my pumpkin puree for the canned stuff. Because of the extra water I baked it a lot longer, putting a pie saver on the edges after the 1st hour to keep them from burning. I also did NOT put in the ginger as I can't stand ginger, and for the first time ever I ate a pumpkin pie that I liked. Beings my Crohn's is in remission right now I have no idea if the pumpkin theory will work for us people, but I did enjoy trying to find out.

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