Sunday, February 28, 2010

It is what it is

Having Crohn’s Disease causes another disorder, a sort of eating disorder. Your body is starving itself so you are hungry all the time. If I get really sick I will start throwing up after every meal, sort of an involuntary bulimia only without the distorted body image. If I have a busy day at work I will not eat at all until the job is done. Nothing can come out if nothing goes in. I’m starving all the time though and I started to dwell on food.

When I first got sick in 2004 it was the same year my stay at home mom hobby exploded into a full time job. I went from having no income to unexpectedly making more then my postal working hubby almost overnight. It was insane. I was sick and still putting in almost 12 hour days. K took over the meals. Frozen foods and food from a box became the staple at our home for the next several years. In 2007 the meds I was taking to control my illness quit working and the starvation and obsession with food started to set in.

I now stalk food blogs and recipe sites. I have a full pantry full of spices. I try new recipes almost every day I feel up to cooking. I trash my kitchen, eat the yummy goodness and if I’m not on meds that are working I often get very cramped after eating so K cleans up after me. He doesn’t complain, much. He loves to eat and he loves the meals I now cook, but he does grumble about his waist line. I tell him he could take smaller portions, or not go back for 2nds, but he claims that’s just not possible.

I’m not sure if this is going to become a “food” blog but it is my current obsession so it will have those elements in it. For a while anyway.

It is NOT going to be an I’m sick and spent the whole day in the restroom blog, because I don’t believe in dwelling on my illness. An issue with my doctors who always want to know how often I have to run to the bathroom, but I refuse to keep count. Yea it’s a lot, but I don’t really want to know the number. Quite often I forget that I have been in there unless K says something about me having a bad day, and I want to keep it that way. Keeping track seems like a fast track to depression if you ask me. The illness is there though, it's part of my life, and this is a Diary of a Crohnie so it may turn up.

It’s not going to be a blog about my children and their problems, because like my own we don’t dwell on them. Again though they are my life and their conditions sometimes plays havoc on my day, or makes me laugh uncontrollably so it may also pop up now and then.

I hope it will be a blog about someone that loves life, and eats it up! I guess I will just have to keep writing and see what it becomes.

My food review for the day:

Frog eye salad

Slightly modified version from I basically followed the recipe exactly except for the part where it said to add shredded coconut. I don’t really care for shredded coconut, even in chocolate, so I didn’t want to risk it. I also added colored marshmallows instead of white, as I was thinking of taking it to my cousins for Easter, and the pastel colors would keep with the Easter theme.

With all the snow around here I was craving spring and I thought this would give me a little taste of it. It was OK but not what I was looking for I guess. It makes enough to feed an army, so would be good for potlucks, but if you are wanting rave reviews this is not what I would take. Needless to say it is not making it to the Easter menu. I gave it four stars, because the name is so fun. I almost had Chloe convinced it was real frog’s eyes. She says she didn’t believe me but she still has yet to try it. K gave it a three saying it was “just all right” and Maddie says it’s good give it a 4 but they just increased her synthroid again and she eats everything right now so she’s not a good judge at this time.

For tonight's dinner we are trying out blue cheese for the first time. Two of my best girlfriends swore by stuffed blue cheese hamburgers so I thought we would try them out. Keeping with the blue cheese theme we are also trying grilled peaches with blue cheese and honey. Both recipes I got from stalking Pinch My Salt. I'll let you know how it goes!

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